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Light Up Lemon Bay Fireworks Spectacular
Garden State Fireworks

July 4th, 2010 at Blind Pass / Middle Beach on Manasota Key in Englewood Florida.  I took pictures all day for this event starting out on a rainy morning trip out to Middle Beach (as I call it) to meet with the guys that were setting up the fireworks to take some pictures and maybe do a couple of video interviews.

What most don't know is what it takes to make this event spectacular.  It's really a lot of hard work.  And this year the crew from Garden State Fireworks was having a more than the average difficulties.

Their make shift plastic lean-tos were all they had to protect themselves and the delicate fireworks and fuses from the constant rain.  So instead of them being able to just lay everything out on the ground where it was going to be set off... all the preliminary work had to be done under the plastic and then carried off to it's proper position.

The PVC tubes are all numbered and set up under the plastic and all the fireworks are lowered into the tubes with their fuses connected to each other and to the new e-match ignition system that lights them off.
Once the fuses are connected, each part of the entire project had to be covered with aluminum foil to protect the fuses and the explosives from the rain, and then taped into place so that it can't blow off before or during the event.

Then they have to be covered with a thick plastic tarp which is then nailed over top the entire section of fireworks before it can be moved out from under the plastic roof and put into place for the show.

Each piece of the pyrotechnic puzzle is then strategically put into it's proper place by the numbers.
When it's time for the show to begin... the plastic is removed... but the foil stays on and they shoot the fireworks right through it so that the fireworks and the fuses stay dry and the show can go on... even in the rain

They come in 4"  6" and 8" tubes
The most powerful charges are set up in large trash cans that are half full of sand that not only keep the tube pointed straight up into the air... but also provide the ballast to keep the trash can in place when the thing goes off !
Each is wired together and set off individually via the e-match (electronic match) device controller over 750 feet away.

I tried to get a video interview... but it was raining too hard for me to uncover my camera equipment out from under the plastic tent... and there was just not enough room to set up underneath.  Not to mention my cameras are all electrical and all it would take is one little tiny spark to set everything into motion.    Hmmmmm...
So I took some pictures with the still camera and I'll just have to give you the short story.  Above the event supervisor John Grimes shows me how they connect the e-match to the cannon fuse that carries the flame to and from each tube.
This large 8" version probably has 3 or more separate charges inside that go off as the fuse burns its way through the center of the device.  This one also is too large for the PVC tubes and has to be put into a metal tube or it could just blow the PVC to bits instead of being projected into the sky.
This is the e-match inside one of the tubes that is individually tied and taped inside the cannon fuse which will ignite and light the projectile fuse when that particular e-match button is pressed.

They work diligently and professionally to get all the wires and fuses hooked up properly, so I just sort of minded my own business

Once everything is wired and fused together... all the wire leads come back and get connected to this box.  Each of the connectors inside is numbers and coincides with one of the tubes in the master plan.  Once everything is wired together and everything is in place, another connector will be plugged into the long slot at the bottom of this panel which gets connected to the master control device that will set everything off  at the proper time, and in the proper order, from a long distance away.


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