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I want to say that your site is wonderful, and I want to thank you for the web site that you have created for me.  Because of your hard work I can say that my business is growing,  I have at least 3 people a week come in and tell me that they have googled sewing in Englewood, and I pop up first on the list.  Thanks to you of course, I can't say enough and everyone should consider  and go with you.  Shop Local, buy Local, we need to support our community.

Thanks again Robert for all your hard work, and for doing my web site. 

Sew long for now,

Linda Lee Mercer/ Sewing by Linda Lee llc

Robert has proven to be an outstanding asset for advertising my  business. He is knowledgable, creative, and very eager to please his clients. He is able to offer reasonable rates for his services which in turn enabled me to obtain an inexpensive, professionally designed web site. Robert is a true professional and an accomplished photograper, this coupled with his knowledge of computer networking, web design, and his desire to contribute to his comunity has made him an invaluable resourse. I am constantly in touch with Robert as I request changes to my site and he is always prompt, polite and genuinely eager to help. I highly recomend Robert, especially for small business owners with limited resourses. Roberts services has by far been the best source of advertising since I began my business. I highly recomend Robert Shanline's services.  Feel free to contact me if you may have any questions.

Daniel Fernandez
Daniel Fernandez Therapeutic Massage
(941) 474-5050
(941) 391-1284

I have had experience with Robertís photography services and have been very pleased.   He can take the ordinary and turn it into an extraordinary yet natural looking photograph.   Thanks Robert for bringing us all together by publishing your twist on everyday events.

 Norma Stephens.

Robert has been of invaluable help to me needing to downsize after the death of my husband.    After creating a website 
with hundreds of outstanding photographs, it has resulted in numerous sales in various parts of the country including
Oregon, California,  Tennessee, Texas as well as locally, because he believes in shopping local, Englewood. 

Am amazed at his knowledge of "putting it altogether" the correct way to reach the market.  All should take lessons, 
but could never come close to his willingness and creative ability to help others in so many ways, in addition to the 
websites he has built for so many people for so little (and/or no) monetary reimbursement.

He also has been very kind, considerate, and caring friend for assistance whenever needed. 

Two most important words + one =  Thank you, Robert.

Annette Sharpe

Planning a trip to Englewood the end of April.
As for a testimony; I think that you are a delight to work with. You are very easy going, not rushed. 
I can tell that you enjoy what you do. We absolutely love our pictures, I even had someone say, 
"Now I know where all of those perfect pictures come from when I buy a new frame. 
Sooo beautiful. Congrats to you. Robert, Thank You for giving us such wonderful memories. 
I'll be calling you again!
WE MISS FLORIDA!! LOTS of snow and freezing rain here :(
Have a wonderful day and share some sunshine!!

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