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The Mangrove Chapter
of the
Florida Native Plant Society

Plant Native 2011

The Mangrove Chapter 
The Florida Native Plant Society

  The Florida Native Plant Society promotes the preservation and conservation of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida. 

For more information 
you can find them on their website at

Mangrove Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society presents  Plant Native Shrubs for Wildlife 
at the Cedar Point Environmental Center in Englewood Florida  (across from Lemon Bay High School)  


Cedar Point is a beautiful, peaceful natural place

Native plants were selling like hot cakes





Native Plant Sales by and others



Peace River Butterfly Society always has something interesting to share.

This year they brought some very pretty butterfly clothing 
which they insisted on modeling for me.

They also brought this 
Brand Spanking NEW Monarch Butterfly 
which just hatched that morning and was still unfolding and drying it's wings.  On the same plant you can see two striped monarch caterpillars beginning the same journey.

trrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hffsgggggg... 

Don't mind this... my Hemmingway cat just walked across my keyboard. 
Don't know what she was trying to say.  But she's pregnant and probably just looking for attention...  Or maybe she was sending an e-mail. :)

Anybody looking for a sexy Hemmingway kitten ?   Coming Soon.

Pretty kitty :)

Ohhhh    Speaking of pretty...
Newspaper photographer and photo journalist Sharie Derrickson was there to cover this event for the Englewood Sun

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Inside of the building at Cedar Point Park is a wide variety
of interesting things to see and learn.

This Archaeology poster was offered to Denny Girard by the Florida Anthropological Society and had lots of interesting facts about Archaeobotany (a study of found plants in archaeological sites).
For more information visit their website at

Lois Cantwell talks about "Bringing Nature Home" and offers this book that talks about planting the right native plants around your home to provide food and shelter for the nature that lives in your neighborhood.

Laurel Schiller, of the Florida Native Plant Society  FNPS gives 
an exhilarating talk to a full house about native shrubs and plants and how important they are to the lives of  local insects and animals and YOU. 
One thing she said that sticks in my mind is that when she talks to people about native plants... that people tend to only buy plants that look nice in their garden without regard to what they offer the insects, local and migrating birds and other animals that live or travel nearby.  She said

"Just because you are not here in the summer to see all your native plants flower and turn to seed is no reason not to plant them... as the beneficial insects and animals in your area still need food and shelter all year long." 

Laurel runs the Florida Native Plants Nursery & Landscape Design business at   730 Myakka Road, in Sarasota.   (941) 322-1915

For more information visit

After Laurels one hour talk... there was a short break with 
lots of beneficial treats for the humans  :)

Master of Ceremonies of the event was Al Squires,  of the Cedar 
Point Environmental Center is the next speaker and does a very informative slide presentation all about native plants and their uses.

Photography by Al Squires...  ( I'm just taking pictures of the pictures :)

Below are a few of the native plants Al talked about


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Denny Girard takes over the outdoor activities with a very informative nature walk through one of many Cedar Point Park nature trails

Another nice photograph of a photographer :)

Denny can stop anywhere and give an informative talk 
for almost any plant in the forest


Cedar Point cut down a lots of the Slash Pines that have 
taken over the natural landscape but now promises to provide lots 
of new growth for more native plants and flowers in the future.

They also cut down this big beautiful stand of Giant Bamboo this winter because it is not native to the area... but of course nature has it's way of surviving just about everything.  
These new stalks are already over 6 feet tall.  Native or not... I personally think they should have left it standing. It was absolutely beautiful close-up!

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The tour goes on and Denny points out lots of interesting things

Denny's Favorite Pine Tree

I kinda like this one :)
A dead tree in the pine flatwoods is called a "snag". 

But is a very valuable part of the natural environment 
as it provides food and shelter for many different creatures 
whether it is standing tall or laying on the ground.

The tour moves on towards the coast and the environment changes



The Charlotte Harbor 
National Estuary Program 


Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center

Cedar Point Environmental Park
Visit their Guided Walk Schedule here


Robert's Photography - Video 
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Sponsor for this Event
The Mangrove Chapter 
The Florida Native Plant Society

  The Florida Native Plant Society promotes the preservation and conservation of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida. 

For more information 
you can find them on their website at

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