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The Englewood Area Orchid Society
Annual Orchid Show


The Englewood orchid show took place at the Englewood United Methodist Church corner at 700 East Dearborn Street in Englewood Florida.    Again, I was I was hired by the Orchid Society to be
"on duty" just in case any of the orchids in this show were chosen 
as winners by the American Orchid Society, who judges this show. 
This year there were 2 awards given to local growers which I will 
display at the end of this page.   Congratulations!
To learn more about the Englewood Area Orchid Society visit them at

First thing they do on the morning of the show is get all the judges together and talk about the awards program

I try to get around and photograph each of the giant orchid displays before the judges start hanging ribbons and awards all over them.











Besides the huge displays... there were lots of vendors that 
had their own displays with lots of orchids for sale
Suncoast Orchids  -  Myakka City, FL
Susan Fender of Fender's Flora, Inc.  -

Byrd's Orchids  -

Venice Orchids  -  Venice Fl.

Blue Pagoda Evolution Orchids in Englewood Florida

Orchids Etcetera  -  Sarasota Fl.  -

Darryl Saffer is a filmmaker and composer and likes to take video of wild places where people search for orchids. 

Lots of happy orchid buyers all over the place

Sandi not only collects orchids... she also paints them.  You can find
her work available for sale at  She also donated these note cards to help the orchid society raise funds :)

A special dedication to the Ghost Orchid of Corkscrew Swamp

They had specialists doing lectures about how to grow orchids
and they had a lot of very interesting tips to share.

I even got a booth of my own to display my cards and invite people to come to this website to see all the best photo's I would take during the course of the day.  Below are some of my favorites...   Enjoy :)




















Towards the end of the day... the judges pull some of the best of the best orchids from their display and take a very close look at them to decide if they would qualify for an American Orchid Society Award.  Here they count, measure and inspect each flower and bud. 
Then they compare these results via the internet with other flowers of the same varieties to see if they are something special. 

This was one of the winners.   The name of the plant is 
an Epi ciliare which had 34 unique orchid flowers 

Another winner with a Tolumnia April Dancer chosen with 294 flowers and 172 buds on 35 gracefully arched inflorescences... the award reads.

This years judges for the 2010 Englewood Area Orchid Society Show


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