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Dollars For Mammograms
Bra Dazzle Brunch
The Rotonda Golf & Country Club

Dollars for Mammograms, Inc.  
P.O. Box 366 Englewood, Florida 34295-0366

(941) 474-2674


View their brochure here

Interesting where my camera leads me sometimes :)   I mean who knew I'd be taking pictures of decorated bra's that were going to be worn by men to inspire a large group of women to donate to a good cause... 

Anyone could enter a decorated bra for and entry fee of $25... and
then the bra's would be auctioned to the highest bidder after the brunch. 
The contestants are below.


Just inside the front doors of the Rotonda Golf & Country Club 
you were required to register
Inside the diningroom they were selling some beautiful bracelets 

And selling tickets to be used in the drawings for over a hundred 
really great door prizes that were donated by local businesses



Brunch was served beginning with these delicious fruitcups

And I began my rounds to get a few nice pictures of the guests













As soon as the brunch was over... the BraDazzle show began :)  
Above is the crew of men that would wear little pink skirts and
model all the decorated bras that were entered into the contest :)

Linda Lee Mercer (Sewing by Linda Lee) starts the program with 
this very unique "Headlight" creation from Lanes Automotive.

The Boyz looked stunning as they paraded through the hundreds of women that would be bidding on these BraDazzle Creations

Some of the boyz even making a few bucks for being such good sports :)



David Kelly, General Manager at the Rotonda Golf & Country Club looked absolutely dazzleing in his first Bra Dazzle debut :)




Some of these Bra Dazzle creations auctioned off at over $100 







Not as easy as you would think 
for a woman to unhook a bra from this angle :)




All just for fun and a great way to raise some money for 
FREE mammograms for local women.  
Visit  for more information.


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The winner of the Bra Dazzle Competition entered by Lanes Automotive 




Special thanks to Dave Kelly and the 
Rotonda Golf & Country Club
for another very positive and memorable event :)

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pictures from the Dollars for Mammograms Bra Dazzle brunch event
at the Rotonda Hills Golf & Country Club